August 30, 2021

All over the world the internet can be cut for days!

A study conducted in the USA concluded that explosions or storms that may occur on the Sun can cause the world’s internet to be cut off for days.

While the world has not yet overcome the coronavirus, a new warning came from the USA.

Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, an IT specialist at the University of California, one of the leading educational institutions in the USA, announced that our planet is facing the threat of global internet outage.

Underlining that explosions or storms on the Sun can have such an effect, Jyothi underlined that this situation could happen within 10 years.

According to the news in the British Daily Mail newspaper, the probability of an explosion or storm that can cause the internet to be cut all over the world in 10 years is 12 percent.

According to Jyothi, the ionized particles and electromagnetic fluctuations that emerge after such explosions are capable of causing disturbances in our planet’s magnetic field.

It is stated that disturbances in the Earth’s magnetic field can directly affect electronic devices.

Reminding that our planet faced a similar situation in 1859, that is, 162 years ago, experts underlined that telegraph networks in Europe and North America were seriously affected at that time.

This situation, which happened 162 years ago, led to a huge communication crisis. This threat is even greater today, where almost everything is done online.

Experts describe this situation as a ‘nightmare scenario’. Because the interruption of the global internet for days means tens of billions of dollars of damage.

It is also stated that this situation may cause GPS systems to be out of order and cause large-scale power outages.

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