Shall I tell you what will happen next?
August 31, 2021

Shall I tell you what will happen next?

O people, hear what I have to say and ponder over it. We are the Ummah of the Prophet of the End Times. Let not the worldly goods and pleasures turn our eyes away from the truth. Look, today we are talking about vaccines and PCR. We will get rid of them soon. Because they are expired. Ha! Let me tell you, only God knows the future. I am not a seer. I’m talking to you about their intentions, their plans, their strategies. I am talking about how the tricks of the demons and Hannas in the days of the past prophets want to be updated today. So I’m talking to you about history. Based on the realities you live in today, I am talking about the possibilities for tomorrow, or rather the “story of the visible village”.

I believe that there is a God who sees, hears and knows everything! Mekarallahu! He will spoil the plans of Satan and his friends and they will fall into the traps they dug, BUT if we make up our minds and act in the direction of His will. Otherwise, Allah (swt) will not help the ignorant, oppressors, hypocrites, oppressors and sinners. ON THE contrary, he will sway their affairs on steep mountains and rain filth on them. The oppressors they assisted will afflict them. Those who remain silent in the face of injustice will also be punished as mute Demons. In the other world, Hell awaits them for a burning torment.

Whoever has done an iota of good or bad, there is a day when he will be rewarded. People will either carry bricks to their own heaven on their backs or wood to their own hells by what they have done in this world or not done when they should have done, what they said or did not say when they should have said it. Today we face such a test. It is our own future at stake. It is the future of our children.

Look, if I said that we will get rid of the HES Code from the vaccine and PCR, do not be happy right away, unless we change ourselves, Allah will not change his judgment about us. “You will say we are burned, blood will be sent to strangle”. There is no salvation without clearing our minds.

Let’s PCR you a little more, let’s hurt you a little more with 2 doses of our “domestic and national vaccine”, then neither mask, nor distance, nor vaccine, nor PCR.. Don’t be too happy right away. Worse is coming. They will chip. I wrote before, “what happens to dogs and horses will happen to you too”. “They put it on the kangal dogs and the horses in the stud.” What happened, right? You have a mobile phone in your hand, you have a watch on your wrist, good job, no mask, no vaccine, no PCR, no HES code, everywhere is free. Of course, if you have Chip fitted. Both are already integrated into your Chip mobile phone. What games will you play with it, what, you can even program your dreams. Even get a monkey into your home; You can even play video games with him like Bill Gates is our “master”. You can talk to him. In this way, step by step, the journey to immortality will begin. Bill’s men who will (!) create a paradise on earth for you in the augmented reality world. Besides, from now on, the glaciers have melted and new diseases will come from the seas. After natural disasters, new diseases will emerge, people will get diseases from air, water, soil, food, plants, everywhere. It will be said that you cannot fight them with the vaccine. Now all of the food will be synthetic and industrial so that hygiene will be provided. Synthetic steakhouses have already begun to open in our country.

Why do you think StarLinks, 5G is planned? Plandemia is not limited to CoVID. They did a “good job” with regard to CoVID. It was a global test. Politics, bureaucracy, community, finance and business, media, civil society, academia, for the future, to plan a direction that will cure the problems of the modern world, someone is working for the “New world order” in the 2000s, even after the collapse of the USSR in 1991. . It is an interesting timing for us to have the “Future” and “Deva” parties at a time like this. But unfortunately, the opponents of this conspiracy still do not have a serious social policy planning. Known political structures, NGOs, community structures, capital groups and media have somehow been brought under control.

Let me tell you what happens when you plug in a chip. Now the health professionals can rest a bit and of course the lawyers too. Because now you are cyborgs. So it’s a bionic robot. Your brain can be loaded or reset. “Global Reset” does not just reset the system, human being is defined as GENDER as a GENOM, independent of religion, morality, tradition and gender, with the “TransHumanism” project. Now even your gender can be reshaped in the womb of the mother or the womb of the Humanoid. You, along with Generation Z, are the “last specimens of the biological human species”. In other words, it is an extinct creature and you are now an OBJECT. You are an object of “InterObject communication such as human, animal, computer”. You are a Cyborg as a TransHuman. After you, the era of GENOMICS, CLONOIDS, CHIMERAS begins.

Today’s biological humans are largely unnecessary. HUMANOIDS are cheaper, smoother, faster and better quality. If necessary, they will be able to copy your brain and genes to it. You can now live in an immortal fictional fantasy world as Satan’s dream. Isn’t it “Patients are fitted with pacemakers, what happens?” When you wear this Chip, all your health problems will be solved with a single Chip! A single, simple and economical solution for not only biological but also psychological, disabled and incurable diseases. It will start with Chip and step by step. All of these will not happen from today to tomorrow. Practice, practice. Maybe they’ll recruit a chosen one from Generation Z Cyborgs. But they’re getting ready to give you a Chip. Chip crisis stems from new generation Chip production. The new micro Chips will make many of your jobs easier, there is no need for a door lock, you will be able to automatically control your bank accounts. With Cloud and Glass, life will be easier, cheaper and more fun. You will love this life. When a problem occurs, your mobile phone will warn you, and artificial intelligence will follow you. If there is an emergency, the system will put you to sleep, take you from where you are, and take you to the nearest hospital and what is necessary will be done. What is the need for a vaccine, what is the need for PCR, what is the need for a mask!?. Our “Digital transformation office” has already noted this Chip in its 2023 strategic plan. WHO is now the spiritual center of the “Holy CoVID council”, for the scenarios of Bill Gates, Elon Musk gang, such as the Vatican in Italy, some scenarios are implicitly based on the legislation through the Ministries of Health, Food, Technology, Urban Planning, Finance, Education, Foreign Affairs, Interior. It seems that work has been done.

Now the decision is yours! If you hold on to the rope of Allah, Hz. Alone like Lot, Hz. If you were like Noah, a ship full of creatures, Hz. If you were like Moses, we will be among those who are saved in some way with your people or whoever deserves salvation!

Let’s meet all the virtuous people of the world in a common word, on the way of justice, peace and freedom!

Satan, St. He will promise you a paradise on earth and eternal life, just like he did with Adam and Eve, but on one condition, he will be able to upload and delete your brain remotely, via the internet, with bioresonance techniques. Do you accept! Your God and Lord, they will be! They will decide for you and they will discipline you.

If so, you have your way to the bottom of hell.

I say “La Ilaha, Illallah”. There is a day when the truth of what we are discussing in this world will be shown to us. Them; They say we are reformers, know well that they are the corrupters themselves. With greetings and prayers.

Educator and Researcher Writer: Abdurrahman Dilipak

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