August 30, 2010

This Is How It All Started!

Nurses went from door to door telling about the benefits of formula, that it makes children smarter, and the harms of breast milk (!).
Mothers cut their own milk and bought those foods and fed them to their children.
After all, they wouldn’t know better than the “read” person sent to the door of the state with their “ignorant” state.
There was a country;
In their villages, they ate the luscious alfalfa and had the milk of the cows that gave high-fat milk stopped, mixed the charitable US milk powder with water and distributed them to drink likır lıkır.
After all, he was giving the teacher, they wouldn’t know better than him.
There was a country;
Butter, eggs, offal throw cholesterol (!), but don’t eat it, you’ll die! they scared.
People did not put it in their mouths out of fear. Margarines with gelatin in them, on which even flies could not be placed, and on which even bacteria could not grow, were on the tables instead. Then they said, ‘Oh sorry, wrong information, eat gari’.
The poor folks wouldn’t know better than the lousy professors.
There was a country;
One day, bird flu came to this country.
How panic the media!
Knowledgeable men dressed as white astronauts stuffed the chickens’ feet into a sack and destroyed them. The people were afraid. My village sister, my dear, destroyed the local breed chickens, went and bought the advertised virus-free banvit chicken, the eggs with white yolk and ate it with pleasure. After all, the huge journalist recommended him in his advertisement, gave him a tour of his factory, and gave a guarantee. The public wouldn’t know better than the lousy journalist.
There was a country;
The slope of the mountain was full of beautiful olive trees, but when olive oil is burned, it becomes carcinogenic. My aunt, who watched the advertisements about the benefits of sunflower oil, how it lightens and blows air when you eat it, threw away the olive oil she produced and bought a product that looked like oil. Olive trees were cut down and fields were made.
After all, TV commercials knew better than he did.

There was a country;
They said, “Oh, I have swine flu.” First of all, doctors and health workers extended their arms to the syringe. Well, of course, the public panicked. They started to lament, “Isn’t there a vaccine for us,” and they rebelled, saying, “When will it be our turn?” Years later, WHO said, “Sorry, this was not an epidemic, we came to the game of the vaccine cartels”. The resulting side effects of the vaccine were covered up.
The one who had the vaccine remained as it was. Hershey is forgotten.
There was a country;
Obstetricians began to speak..
While they were paid per child they gave birth in Europe, they went door to door in Turkey and distributed condoms.
They talked about the risks of normal delivery. “Let’s give you time of the day, but don’t forget your suitcase, crown, lipstick, tulle slippers. They said, “Come at that hour, we will give birth to the emperor as soon as it takes 15 minutes.”
They did not say that the second birth would be risky. The women also went and had their bellies cut.
They wouldn’t know better than the lousy doctors.
There is a virus called Covid-19.

After the world, it’s time to visit here too.
The public, who is managed by the media, puts on the mask one day, according to the past TV. The other one says ‘take it out another day’ and pulls out a hoop. They say, “Everybody get into the houses,” hoop in.
They say “you can go out”, hoop out, then back inside… huge professors like parrots come out and say mask-distance-hygiene.
Everyone who has memorized it sings like an anthem on the road, at work.
People are listening with their mouths open.
One of them does not come out and give information about the immune system. It does not mention vitamin D, gut health, which is the second brain, as it is found in sheep tail fat the most.
Was it very difficult to distribute supplements such as vitamin d and vitamin c from health centers free of charge to the public?
It is as if death and disease came to earth for the first time.
These are not brought up as thousands of people starve to death every day.
Those who died from cancer, autism, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and more have been erased from the face of the earth.

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