October 7, 2021

Full Support to Globalists from Youtube!

The plandemi project, the biggest project of the last century, was designed to reduce the world population. This project, which has been going on for almost 2 years, has started to be revealed one by one. All scientists in the world were divided. Those in one department called it a natural epidemic, and those in another department said that this is an artificial, synthetic virus, it was produced in the laboratory.

As a result of these discourses that have lasted for almost 2 years, the truth has finally emerged. It turned out to be a major global project. This massacre project prepared by the global powers is now evident with its evidence. One of the biggest players in this project was the WHO organization. The globalists used the WHO as a tool. While those who realized this project did not accept the WHO into their country, Turkey signed a 10-year contract with WHO. One of those who realized this great project, Bedri Yalçın, the chairman of the Anatolian unity party, filed a criminal complaint against those who murdered our people with the lie of the Epidemic, with the evidence folders consisting of approximately 900 pages as a result of the research. Following this, a group of scientists held a press conference to reveal the lies of the lying scientists. Thousands of people held a rally in Istanbul’s Maltepe Square.

Journalist Writer Abdurrahman Dilipak, who contributed greatly to the organization of the rally, and Welfare Party Chairman Dr. Fatih Erbakan was the subject of the agenda.

While this business now shows that the end of the globalists is approaching, the global power has taken action. It banned all anti-vaccine videos worldwide under the name of WHO. Many organizations were adversely affected by this situation. In every video against these liquids, whose content is unknown, there was a prohibition warning: “It does not allow content with claims that contradict the information that has emerged with the consensus of experts at the World Health Organization (WHO).

As can be seen here, he was a supporter of globalists on Youtube. Even though Youtube thinks that it is doing the right thing, it is very clear that it will soon be begging the owners of those videos that it has blocked.

Major changes that will happen in Turkey in the near future will completely reverse the balances and change the course of the world. It may be premature to say a date for this change, but it is certain that it is a near date.

It is now clear with clearer concrete evidence that this project is a massacre project.

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