September 15, 2021

Has the Free World State Captured Turkey?

In the 218th episode of the Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush series, which was broadcast on Thursday, March 13, 2014, 2 years before the feto coup on July 15, 2016, there is a scene where the state is cloned and they have already settled in us. With an answer, the lead actor of the series, Polat Alemdar, answers. While we have been watching this TV series for years just like a TV show, the TV series was a series about events that have happened and will happen in Turkey. After this scene, which was broadcast, after a period of 2 years, at 22:00 on Friday, July 15, 2016, a major coup attempt was made that brought Turkey into chaos. Although this coup was not successful, it was instrumental in the martyrdom of thousands of civilians.

Since this coup attempt by the global free world state was not successful, they have now put forward a more comprehensive global project with plan b. This time, the project did not only cover Turkey, but the whole world. The only thing that was wanted to be obtained from this project was that they would rule the whole world. This plan went into effect all over the world in 2019. This plan, which took many countries under control, began to decline in the middle of 2020. Although some countries were aware of this project, it was too late. Many countries have begun to be governed by the digital world order. Although Turkey did not seem to be among these countries, it was drifting towards the vortex with each passing day. The stronger the Turkish state, the stronghold of the Muslims, the stronger it would be in other Muslim countries. This grand plan, which has been going on for nearly 3 years between countries, now seemed to have taken Turkey under control. Although Turkey had advanced, it was obvious that many things were going on in the background that we could not understand. Although there was no concrete evidence of this, the government that ruled the country was broadcasting subliminal messages from time to time. Turkey tried to oppose this global project many times, and while it was still trying, the country’s government’s statement expressed contradictory situations with each passing day.

On the one hand, while the ministers of the country made a decision and made a statement, on the other hand, the chairman was making different statements. The only thing that came to mind was as if the pressure of invisible forces within the state had increased and they were trying to rule the country. As the date shows Thursday, September 9, 2021, a twitter statement came from the president of the country against the global project.

“Today, thank God, we have reached 100 million doses of vaccines. Hopefully, with the widespread use of our domestic vaccine, TURKOVAC, we will banish this scourge from our country as soon as possible. I invite all my citizens to strengthen our fight against COVID-19 by getting their vaccinations.”

While nothing negative was seen in the statement of the president of the country, while giving hope to the citizens, on the other hand, the emblem prepared and presented to give the image that we resisted this global project and succeeded brought to mind the global free world state.

So, are those who prepared this emblem the supporters of the global free world state?

The similarities of this emblem and the artificial intelligence emblem at the bottom are quite clear for the twitter article statement of the president of the country.

According to some, this article is a conspiracy theory, according to others, it is a fact without concrete evidence. If you have read the article, we think that it will be useful to state your views under the article with a comment, in order to find the truth with a deep analysis. This article was not written for the sake of political gain, it was written for the purpose of gathering evidence to defeat the global free world state that is trying to separate us from each other, making worldly plans. You can join us in this article and help us find the right result.

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