Globalizing World !
November 4, 2021

Globalizing World !

The concept of globalization as a word, encompassing, embracing, integrating the whole.
means. Generally; material and moral values ​​and these values
as the worldwide spread of the accumulations formed within the scope of the
is defined. The functioning of the various markets in the countries and the interconnectedness of these markets.
common ideas about possible connections, the political system to be adopted, democracy,
the idea of ​​universalization of ideas such as human rights, religion and secularism, environmental awareness,
is included in the phenomenon of globalization. Frontier in communication and transport technologies
Unrecognized development constitutes both the engine and the product of globalization. This
For these reasons, globalization is accepted as the socio-economic and political system of the 21st century.
are being (Başargan, 2000, 1).

Aiming to make the “free trade” norm dominant all over the world, and “The General
Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)” in 1995 with the approval of the parties to the negotiations.
entered into force (also approved by the Parliament with the Law No. 4067 dated 26.11.1995)
The World Trade Organization (WTO) Establishment Agreement and its Annexes (shortly “Uruguay Tour Final
The agreement referred to as the “Deed”) is a step taken towards the goal of “globalization”.
The Uruguay Round Final Act, patents and similar intellectual property rights are protected by all.
It also brings together a legal order that secures it in the world (WTO Establishment
Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights Agreement attached to the Agreement). Moreover, the same
In which economic activity areas, to what extent and under what conditions the state supports the deed.
It determines the rules on which it can provide
It also sets out the sanctions to be applied at the level of the WTO (WTO Establishment Agreement).
Agreement on Subsidies and Compensatory Measures in the annex).
Forming the source of the transformation in production systems and business process; information
technology, advanced material technologies, biotechnology, etc.
Its prevalence is an indicator of “globalization”. One of the processes of “globalization”
Another aspect is that it spreads its production activities to the whole world geography (in other words,
transnational or multinational giant firms (which internationalize their production activities)
is the decisive role they play in the establishment of the process as a world system. science and
These companies, which originated in technology-dominated countries, are
are the actual owners of the technology.

The “globalization” of a political process in which the national motif is gaining strength is intertwined with
appears to be developing. Moreover, they cannot maintain their competitive ability alone.
Seeing nations, they pursue regional blocks. Regional blocks, in this sense,
It is a new political-economic-social formulation of protecting national interests.
In short, “globalization” on the one hand, and inter-block competition on the other, will dominate.
world-building process is witnessed (“
report/btpd_tbvtp_en.html,1999”). The main ones of these blocks are; European Union (European Union
Union-EU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Association of Southeast Asian NationsASEAN), North American Free Trade Agreement
It is clearly seen that the blocs, the countries with science-technology-industry superiority
It is formed on the axis and mostly by the coming together of countries with this quality.
Countries that are out of the blocks have science-technology-industry capabilities.
are countries that do not exist and are under the control of regionally concentrated power centers.
In the world, these countries will almost have no right to life.
(“,1999”). over 40 years
Turkey, which has not been able to convert its European Union candidacy status to full membership for a long time,
one of the countries that are experiencing the problem of finding a place in the world in the hottest way
is in position.

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