August 29, 2008

Technology Makes Addiction Lazy!

With the introduction of technology into our lives, our whole life has completely changed. It is appropriate to say that there is no area that technology cannot reach and change in human life. Although it has numerous benefits in many respects, the fact that technology makes people lazy should not be ignored.

Thanks to our smartphones, we can do all our work in seconds without even stepping out. Instead of opening the window to find out how the weather is, we look at the weather on the phone. As soon as we wake up, we check our social media accounts from our smartphones; We spend almost half of the day lingering in front of the phones. This accustoms us to comfort and convenience, causing us to become lazier day by day.

Although there are many areas where technology pushes people to be lazy, we can list the main ones as follows:

1.Ordering Food from Outside

Ordering food from outside has become quite common especially in recent years. Although it was a method preferred mostly by university students and singles living away from their families in the early days, instead of dealing with cooking, nowadays almost everyone who is lazy or does not want to deal with cooking, orders the food they want over the internet. The food comes to the door in a short time, ready and all that remains is to eat with pleasure. This is almost an invitation to obesity.

2.Online Shopping

Nowadays, shopping is also done online. Thanks to many websites such as Trendyol and Gittigidiyor, we can order anything we want within seconds. These orders come to our door in a few days by cargo. There is no need to go to the market or go to the store to buy what we want. Since this leaves no need to act, it pushes people to become lazier day by day.

3.Learning the News from the Internet Instead of Newspapers

Before social media and news sites entered our lives so much, people had to buy a newspaper to learn about the news. Today, people can easily learn about an event that happened seconds ago thanks to the social media at their fingertips. This causes the newspaper industry to be almost over and people do not need to walk to buy newspapers. Thus, people get used to the fact that everything happens in seconds from where they sit, and they become even more lazy.

4.No need to ask anyone for an address

In the past, when we wanted to find an address, we would ask the people around us for the address and hear sentences like “Turn right, continue straight” from the person in front of us. While asking for directions, we communicated with other people as well, and we wandered around the roads until we found the address. Now, thanks to the GPS service that technology has brought into our lives, we mark the address we want to go to, and we can easily reach the point we want without asking anyone. This prevents us both from communicating with other people and from acting while searching for the address.

The inactivity and laziness that technology brings to our lives is almost an invitation to many diseases, especially obesity. For this reason, being conscious and using technology without making it addictive is of great importance, especially for our health.

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