SpaceX Requests Support by Sending an Email to Its Customers
June 29, 2022

SpaceX Requests Support by Sending an Email to Its Customers

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, sent a surprise email to Starlink customers today. Asking customers for help on wireless networking, the company asked congressmen to write a petition against Dish Network.
Elon Musk announced that it is possible to use the dish on the move, which was used to connect to Starlink satellites in the past months, but this is not possible at the moment because it has not yet received legal permissions. Upon this, the company named Dish Network operating in the USA reacted to Musk and announced that the unauthorized use of mobile Starlink would cause problems in the company’s satellite and TV services.

Regarding this issue, Dish Network even sent a letter to the Federal Communications Board (FCC). The letter stated that the FCC had to make it public that SpaceX’s use of a moving Starlink was illegal. After this situation, a war broke out between the two companies on many issues, including a series of radio frequencies known as the 12GHz band.

Starlink may be unavailable for US customers, according to SpaceX

The main reason for this friction between the two companies is related to the 12GHz frequency, as we wrote above. Both companies serve users on the same frequency, and both companies want to be the only company using the 12 GHz band. That’s why Dish Network is asking the commission to block Starlink from using the 12GHz frequency. If Dish Network’s request is accepted or the legal problems that Musk mentioned are not resolved, it will not be possible for Starlink to be used on the move and to serve its customers on the 12GHz frequency.

That’s why SpaceX sent out an email today asking customers to contact the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress. The email begins with the sentence, “Today we ask for your support to end a lobbying campaign that threatens to render Starlink unusable for you and the vast majority of our American customers.”

SpaceX filed a filing with the FCC last week, stating that it is using the 12GHz band as “workforce frequencies” to provide “critical connectivity services” across the United States. Claiming that if only 5G is used, SpaceX also claims that its customers will experience service interruptions 74% of the time, and in the file it presented, it also stated that it presented the problems experienced in the service it provides when Starlink shares the 12GHz band.

Here is the email SpaceX sent to its customers:

To summarize the email, SpaceX is asking its customers to take action. Stating that Dish Network will stop what it wants if the FCC and members of Congress get a mail from customers, SpaceX said in the email, “Despite technical work going back to 2016 and refuting its claims, DISH has partnered with paid lobbyists who are trying to mislead the FCC with erroneous analysis in hopes of hiding the truth. carried out”.

At the end of the email, the company left a link to a separate website where customers can click and email the FCC. You can find the link here. From the link, users can email not only the FCC, but also US senators and representatives.

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